Dirk Hordoff defends Becker and Zverev, but Kyrgios is right

Dirk Hordoff defends Becker and Zverev, but Kyrgios is right

The controversy between Boris Becker and Nick Kyrgios regarding the behavior of Alexander Zverev (who violated his self-isolation to go to a party by the sea), continues with some aftermath. After the Adria Tour disaster, Zverev decided to go into self-isolation, despite the fact that he was negative for the virus swab.

Nevertheless the German decided to go to a party with his fiancée, not respecting the self-isolation and the rules of social distancing. Nick Kyrgios criticized Zverev’s attitude: “I wake up and I see that controversial things continue to happen in the world, but what strikes me is to see Zverev still commit acts of irresponsibility.

What level of selfishness can he ever reach? If you have the decency to publish a tweet saying that you will be confined for 14 days and apologize to the public, respect this promise and stay at home. You have a girlfriend, and then shut yourself up at home.

These things really make me angry.” Boris Becker called Kyrgios a rat, resulting in Nick’s response to the German former player. Seeing Kyrgios transform into a moralizer is certainly fun, but Nick is right. He was very impressed with the virsu and the effects of the global pandemic, from the beginning, never showing that he underestimated the harmful consequences regarding the circulation of the virus.

And on the occasion he had only talked about the behavior of Sascha Zverev who, after having heralded self-isolation, had ended up in an impromptu video shot at a mega-party.

Dirk Hordoff’s new statemets

Now Dirk Hordoff, number two of the German Tennis Federation is taking an interest in the matter.

Through a Tweet, Hordoff decided to defend his countryman Boris Becker, writing on the social: “Completely agree with head of mens tennis Boris Becker regarding Alexander Zverev. I also don’t like #rats.” A couple of weeks ago Hordorff had made Novak Djokovic a party and a football, favorites at the Zoom meeting.

So the defense of Becker and, consequently, of Zverev, would seem only parochialism. Hordoff, who bitterly criticized Djokovic for not evaluating the security protocols, decided to argue with Kyrgios, who expressed the same doubts and criticisms, always regarding common safety, well-being and awareness.

This time Kyrgios is right to criticize Zverev. All those who put everyone’s health at risk with unacceptable behavior in a period in which security protocols and social distancing must be a must, it must be cheated. And this time it’s not Kyrgios.

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