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The Premier League’s six ‘Avengers’: The story behind the celebration

There is a Whatsapp group made up of Delli Alli, James Maddison, Ben Chilwell, Jack Grealish, Ross Barkley, and John McGinn called ‘The Avengers’. They all decided to celebrate Premier League goals by making an A sign with their fingers.

Maddison explained to ‘EA Sports’ that the A in the celebration is first letter in Avengers.

The two with the most in common are Maddison and Chilwell, former teammates at Leicester. 

“Obviously he was my best friend here and welcomed me into the club, I knew him through the England Under-21s and the England set-up anyway. You just have that one guy [at clubs] who’s like your best friend who you’ll have a coffee with, you’ll see outside of football and stuff and that was Chilly for me. We built up a great relationship on and off the pitch,” said the England midfielder.

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