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“Having 5 subs in the Premier League is the only way of reducing injuries”

Gareth Southgate spoke loud and clear in the press conference about 5 subs. The England manager thinks that the topic should be rethought in the Premier League, due to the present workload this season because of the tight schedule.

“We are in a special period. We asked to have five changes in the UEFA Nations League, we didn’t have them in September, they were applied from October and November. We all have a busy season with high level matches and no winter break in the Premier League”, the England manager commented.

And he added: “How do we reduce the burden on the players? Having five changes, in my opinion, is the only way. Fortunately, many are minor muscle injuries, but sometimes serious injuries occur and there is concern that we are not even at the peak of the season. December and January are going to be incredibly intense months”.

“Everyone is responsible, managing the schedule is everyone’s responsibility. The five changes have helped us. We have done everything we can to manage this period and I think that if clubs look at it, and think it is important for their players, I think it makes a lot of sense to consider“, ended a Southgate who considers it opportune in the Premier League to have 5 changes like what happens in other competitions.

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