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These days, there’s an app for everything. If you love to golf, well, this just might be a dream app for you.

Caddie View: Golf Swing Analyzer requires only your phone camera to assess your golfing technique. Well, that and a steel stoke and tripod so that you’ve got somewhere to put your phone. You don’t need to rely on one of your buddies to give you pointers. Count on someone you can trust: Caddie View! The device is only $70, which includes the app and the gear, but it’s worth a whole lot more when you start to imagine the possibilities it’ll open for you and your golf games.

This is an invention by golfers for golfers. Improving your technique and form can be expensive if you want to get it right. Your friends are one thing, but if you really want to get better, you’ll need a lot more than a friend to tag along. You’ll need a camera operator to record what you’re doing so you can assess where it’s going wrong. With Caddie View: Golf Swing Analyzer, all you need is to have the app installed on your phone, as well as a phone mount so that your camera can capture your action. The app handles the rest.

The app can help you set up guides and lines to better position yourself for that perfect shot. You can organize your swing photos and videos, and the app even measures the degrees of your shot. It’s pure magic—magic that’ll make you a better athlete.

For only $70, you can have the caddie view stick, remote control to operate the mount, the app, and even a free towel and bag. Make the Caddie View: Golf Swing Analyzer yours today.

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