Razzball Patreon Podcast, Wild News Stories with Comedian Billy Hurley

Razzball Patreon members receive our weekly podcast where Grey cackles about the funniest news stories we’ve found over the past week, plus you get that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting your favorite fantasy sports site in all the land.

Here’s a sample teaser from last week’s show:

Don’t miss story time off the top of this week’s episode of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Not News with star comedian Billy Hurley, amateur comedian Grey Albright and failing comedian Donkey Teeth. Grey tells about how he also died in a pickling accident plus his struggles getting Apple Care to solve all his problems. And Billy invites the audience to travel back in time to attend his outdoor comedy show in a New York City park.

Then we discuss the top news stories of the week, headlined by the three guys accused of creating a man cave under Grand Central Terminal with a futon AND microwave too. Plus a new dating site which only matches users with a 20+ year age gap as well as a bonus story about a dating site for men with small penises. Side note, we’d like to introduce you to our new sponsor: Dinky One’s Dating Site.

Also, you’ll definitely want to hear the story about how hard it is being rich these days. Tune in now for all the laughs and Albright cackles you can handle by signing up for the exclusive Razzball Patreon Club for only $5/month!

And find all of this week’s wacky stories here:


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