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Hey everyone,

In case anyone is interested, I recently came out with a course on learning to code with Baseball. I posted here about a month ago, and the post was well received, so I figured I’d post again to share with you all that the complete beginner course is out now.

The course is meant to introduce you to Python, data science, and general programming concepts through a topic you all actually enjoy – baseball. The focus of the course is general sabermetrics, but there are some modules that have a fantasy baseball focus.

We assume that you’ve never written a line of code before starting the course, and walk you through installation of Python all the way to writing your own machine learning models to classify pitch types. It comes with 9 hours of video and 13 modules of material where we walk you through each lesson step by step. It also comes with a slack channel where you can personally ask us questions if you get stuck, discuss your code with other course members, or just talk baseball. If this is something that interests you, you can use the discount code reddit to get 15% off the course.

Thanks for reading, you guys are awesome. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or comment!

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