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Interesting formula. I love to stream, because I play in innings-capped leagues that are tough to meet and, even if I find enough streaming options to make me long on IP, then that means I can just sit some of my fringy SPs against tougher competition.

As such, I also keep track of the results. Here was mine from 2020 (six teams):

522 IP/3.41 ERA/1.26 WHIP/476 Ks/39 wins

Obviously, the difference here is that I was able to stream pitchers above 30 percent owned from time to time, because they were available on the wire. That makes it much easier.

What I love about it, as I mentioned, is that it allows me to sit the fringe SPs that I have on my team but are not quite fringe enough to drop. I also tracked those IP, to see the damage I avoided. Here was 2020:

158 IP/6.85 ERA/1.40 WHIP/157 Ks/6 wins

That’s where the real value comes in, IMO. I can hardly describe the satisfaction that came from getting value from Pablo Lopez for weeks, then watching as the Braves pummeled him for 7 ERs while he’s on my bench (because streaming got me ahead in IP).

One thing I have noticed is that my streaming seems to weigh heavily toward ERA/wins, because I’m consistently choosing crappy opponents, while my WHIP and K/9 are almost always worse than my actual team averages, because I’m picking low-tiered SPs. But, in a league where it’s sometimes difficult to reach the innings cap, if you can increase volume while negating any damage done to your ratios, that is a huge advantage.

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